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coating ORC
July 28th, 2021
ORC updated

Our outside seam coating unit has been setting standards in terms of application quality, reliability and user-friendliness for decades.

Due to non-availability of the main controller for our ORC (outside roller coating unit) in the "stand alone" version, we were forced to look for an alternative. In the course of this, we have brought the entire control and operation to the next level.

PLC Control with touchscreen

The new HMI offers extensive functions for efficient and comfortable use, such as:

  • Recipes
  • Error logs with text and image
  • Efficiency evaluation
  • Maintenance recommendations
  • Integrated operating instructions

Stand with integrated components

The optional components such as the containers for lacquer (18l) and solvent to clean tubes and valves (9l), lacquer valve and pressure regulator, are carefully integrated in the newly designed stand. Retrofitting these components as upgrades to the basic unit / ORC-M (with 2l bottle) is possible.

The ORC is available in two versions.

Manual lacquer supply
from bottle (2l)

Automatic lacquer supply
from pressure tank (18l)